Providing the safety net you need to get the compensation you deserve. Redress After the Event (RATE) program levels the playing field, helping clients gain access to justice while protecting them against the risk of potential costs associated with litigation. With this program, you can surely promise No Win, No Fee, No Risk.

RATE Protects Your Clients

Redress After The Event Insurance – RATE

Legal Risk Insurance

Legal Risk Insurance has a long history in Europe, but the insurance has only recently been introduced to the Canadian marketplace. Redress is the exclusive provider of Redress After the Event Insurance, covered by Arch Insurance Canada.

Arch Insurance Canada Ltd. is a commercial property casualty insurer based in Toronto and is licensed to transact insurance in every province and territory in Canada. Arch Insurance Canada Ltd. has an A+ rating (outlook stable) from S&P and A+ (outlook developing) from AMBest so your clients know they are protected.

Why should your clients purchase RATE insurance?

Enhance the claim. Protect your Disbursements.

When your clients purchase RATE insurance, your disbursements are protected. You can aggressively negotiate the client's claim and seek higher compensation for them knowing your client and you are protected in the event the case is lost or discontinued.

Also, when your clients purchase RATE insurance they are protected against the potential liability and substantial costs should their legal action prove unsuccessful or be discontinued...their personal assets are not put at risk.